1WorldSync Content1 API

Content1 will provide access to accurate, trusted product data sourced directly from the Brand Owners through 1WorldSync's APIs. This full set of product information is readily available to you through a set of web services, allowing you to get up-to-date, complete product information.

A suite of tools (listed below) has been developed which will aid you in developing your new solutions using the 1WorldSync Content1 API.

  • Online Interactive API toolkit and Documentation

If you need any assistance with these tools or the API you can contact Customer Support at: customersupport@1worldsync.com

Online Interactive API Toolkit and Documentation

 Content1 Product Search API Guide

 Content1 API HMAC Guide

 Content1 Product Search Model Schema Guide

 Content1 Product Fetch Model Schema Guide

Content1 SDK

 Content1 SDK for Java

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